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dinsdag 26 april 2011

Indian colors

How to make a little open top/ vest without sleeves. want sleeves ? you always can attach them later!!
this one looks hippie style, and i really like it! always want to be more hippie haha

Fist make a pattern for your back, take it a little bigger.
then make the two seperates for the front. not two the same! they should be mirrored..
then attach the three pieces together, as in the third picture. and as last put it under the sewing machine!

I'll take a nice picture when I'm wearing it!

costs : 
Grandmothers closet : too many unfinished clothing/curtains etc.


Sneezing Blue

Yesterdays outfit. ( and changed like 4 times after this one ) 
Just had to sneeze on the pic so don't you know i look so silly.. haha!
love my new nail polish: Cobalt Blue

Don't think my total outfit costs more then €45 excluding jewelry of course.
Really weird but i would definitely spent €45 for the wedges only!


zondag 24 april 2011

Favourite colors

Beige, pink and white together are the colors I really like to wear :)

From the same cloth as the dotted skirt I want to make a new top something like this.. I'll post it when it's finished!


Dotted skirt!

Skirt €1,40 total, made by myself



I wanted to make a skirt with buttons, but I never did this before. the best thing you can do is trying. you learn the most when you try it by yourself. Everything I can with the sewing machine i learnt by myself by trying and do it over 'till you get it how you want.

First I used the diameter of the button to decide the size of the gap.  The sewing machine made the stiches, and I cut it open.

I also used smock to finish the skirt, I'll post a picture of me when I'm wearing it on my blog too.
So you can see the result!

Not only painting

Why not make some skirts?!

This weekend was really hot, and I need new skirts, so I decided to go to the market and search for nice samples of cotton cloth! I found two amazing prints, one striped and one dotted.

Saturday I began with the striped blue one :) and it came out as this :

I began with smock the upper side, using 2x4cm.  With multiple pins I detached the smock onto the elastic band. I stitched every spot where there was a pin. I removed all pins and used the sewing machine to do the bigger work. The elastic band was now detached to the smock!

now I have a new skirt for only €3,- for the cloth!