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IDE student at TU Delft - love being busy

zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Going out on a week night!

Even a test on Friday can't stay me at home! I went to the Zoete Belofte :D It's a cute little lounge bar where you can sit and relax for hours. This night there was a party called SoulGarden. The cute lounge bar transformed to a nice place to be at night!
loved it!

and got curls! because I wore a hair braid all the day.
next time again SoulGarden ! love it


A little OWL

Start with some left over fabrics.  ( like the wings of this owl, this is the same as my blue skirt! ). Make all the things you need right away so you need the proportions are OK. You can start where you want, for example I started with the two layer eyes and put on the old buttons, then sewed the whole front of the owl. Later on I sewed the back on it and left a 5 cm hole to put in the filling of an old cushion.  And close the whole with some new stitches


 Above you see the proportions before I start to sew. and when I filled it up , you can see the owl grows bigger and looks a lot fatter and cute :D

If you have some creativity you can easily make on of your own!
Yesterday I went to the market and bought all kinds of textile articles

Love my little Owl sitting on the lovely bench i got from my sweetheart Karim <3


dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Dotty day

And it is blue again! Haha, never thought I had so much blue clothes!


Blue again

Wanted to wear the white pants of my post before. Also wanted to wear something comfy.. and then I get this out of the closet! Went to the university in Delft & when I got home my mum wanted to go to Vila Augustus again here in Dordrecht. ( Super High-tea place! )
They have such a nice garden! you instantly fall in love when you see it!

Love the dark blue in combination with the mint green hues!

and some pics of Vila Augustus to cheer you up if you like gardens :)

Pictures above are made today! Also the one with Cheffie ( my dog ) on it. Dogs are allowed in the garden and in the restaurant also. Many vegetables they prepare are from their own garden so dogs have to be leashed :)
The other pics down here are from some other times. we go there a lot! It's such a nice place, and every time we go there we see something new!


See-Thru Pockets are history

A while ago I bought a white pants of AngelAge, I really love it but didn't wear it because you could see the pockets through the pants.. It was weird to see.. So I finally cut out the pockets! 
Because of i gained a lot of weight I aslo couldn't wear it.. BUT i lost almost 5 kgs in one week so.... I can wear it again :) I hope to lose some more 5 kgs! then I'm happy with my figure again and fit my older clothes!

Of course first stitched it so you have really small pockets, and then.. Cut them off! 

On the last picture you can see the effect of small pockets. much better then pockets which almost touch your knees! I will post a look with the pants too really soon!


maandag 23 mei 2011

New oldies

Found some amazing new bags / purses on a flee- market!
This flee-market is called Rommeldam, and is in a small part of Dordrecht, named Dubbeldam. Dubbeldam is known for it's inhabitants, some more rich people than usual areas. Rich people buy expensive products, and they end up here in rommeldam :)

Rommeldam is organized ( I think ) for the church and is a charity project. all the money goes to there. that means everything is way too cheap! I go to this market every year!

Small purse (Gabrielle) €2,50 real leather
2 tone bag (Enrico Benetti) €2,50 don't know the material.
Blue laptop bag (Jolly bag) €4,- real leather

TOTAL: €9,-


The small purse matches perfectly to everything :)


zaterdag 21 mei 2011

'Fair' Day!

Went to a Lifestyle fair today. It was the Lief!Lifestyle :) event.


donderdag 19 mei 2011


Started this day way to tired but after some coffee I found myself again! It was a hard day working.. WHOO and finished it! can't wait till tomorrow!
My mum will celebrate her birthday on Sunday with to much cakes! cheesecake, scones, sachertorte, a pie with quark ( kwarktaart ? ) , brownies..... Just can't wait! YUMM

Turned happy every time I looked at my legs!! That's not as always hahah


dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Greyish day

Just another day when you just can't decide what you're going to wear.. changed a lot today. 

Forgot to mention the painting on the background last time.. it's one of myself! :)


maandag 16 mei 2011

my lovely dog

This is Cheffie, our lovely dog!  He wanted on the picture to bad, so I gave him my hat!


zondag 15 mei 2011

Some more blue please

These pictures are taken with my mac and are not perfectly sharp :(
It's my aunties birthday today so i wanted to wear something comfortable. Choose for a tunic with a belt and some tight jeans!


Love the Heels

Even people in the train said something about my heels :) ! WOW


woensdag 11 mei 2011


Todays outfit to the university and granny :)
one of my new bags love it :)

 new find : Fornarina Belt €1.95 2nd hand store



I realy love the color of the short vest! One of my favourites :)


maandag 9 mei 2011

new pictures!

Hello you there,

And I reorganized my shoeeeees and i love them!!! Put the winter shoes aside in closed boxes. Some reaallly need to go to the shoe fix man (?).. :(
Got two new pairs this week ( blue and creme in the front) they're the same model, because i couldn't choose!


By the way, it isn't the first time I bought the same model other colors :) Can you find them?


woensdag 4 mei 2011

zondag 1 mei 2011

Inspiration 2.0


Dotted Queensday

Used a scarf  as belt because i hadn't packed a belt or something for the sleep over at my boyfriend for two weeks! I'm going to do this much more often, love the effect!

p.s. I found some little cute things on the marked. like a blue pot and an old milk can! total €1,50 hihi