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dinsdag 24 mei 2011

See-Thru Pockets are history

A while ago I bought a white pants of AngelAge, I really love it but didn't wear it because you could see the pockets through the pants.. It was weird to see.. So I finally cut out the pockets! 
Because of i gained a lot of weight I aslo couldn't wear it.. BUT i lost almost 5 kgs in one week so.... I can wear it again :) I hope to lose some more 5 kgs! then I'm happy with my figure again and fit my older clothes!

Of course first stitched it so you have really small pockets, and then.. Cut them off! 

On the last picture you can see the effect of small pockets. much better then pockets which almost touch your knees! I will post a look with the pants too really soon!


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