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dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Some big projects coming up

I love to restyle old furniture
Most of the time I only paint them

Sometimes they are lovely already so I leave them the way I found them
In a few months my boyfriend and I will have our own place, so some projects have to be finished before we can use them! 

In the last few years I bought amazingly many stuff.. like 7 chairs I need to fix and paint, several little tables/ cabinets.. The last few weeks we also got some huge furniture!

Two of the chairs i bought for €2.50 at a thrift shop, are already painted a few years ago. the other 5 will have to be painted in the upcoming weeks :)

 huge project cabinet #1 and #2 don't have any pictures ! OOPS 
Huge dressoir project #3
This cabinet will be all white, inside out, all drawers etc! 
I will start with it in the next weekend ( hopefully ! )

project perfect ! The wood of this huge closet is just perfect. 
I don't think we will adjust this one! Painting it won't make it more perfect.

full van with the projects!
in the front right you see another little tv-cabinet. I will try to fix the doors next week or so, and also paint it white like the dressoir project #3

♥ Sneak peek of our lovely table, bought it like this 

When everything has it's own place in our little house, I will post new pictures including the between phases pics.


♥ potholders how to 
The result

How I did it
- first make a granny square you like. I would choose for a more closed pattern one.
- make it a little bit smaller than an existing potholder 
- put a backside on it. I used stretchy cotton because it's my first time
- sew the back to the granny square, I use different methods..
- crochet more edges to the potholder until it's the size you want it.

My crochet kit for the potholders
I took it everywhere where I could crochet a bit :)

Hand sewn edge 

- Tip -
Make it yourself the way you like it to have (:
With hot choc and a fruit boost for instance



I love cushions everywhere
So i made some of my own :) Can't say they turned out cheaper than regular store-bought ones.. but they're unique and home made!

Here are some pics ! 

The yarn costed me about €15...  x_x
For the 8 gray buttons, I paid something like €2

# 2 gray and light gray stripes
# 3 gray and white combined

 #2 has seven bits of yarn, €0.99 a piece and the buttons are like €0,20 a piece. The filling for the cushion was €2.99.. I will be making a second one of this because I have a matching rug (: Total of one striped cushion : € 10,60 

#3 has like 4 bits of yarn, also €0.99 a piece and the buttons are second hand, €0.05 a piece! The #3 was my first try-out cushion :) you can see the difference with the newer ones, but still, it does matches with #2 somehow.

Will update my blog soon!

First dress

Yes! A while ago I started a knitted pull. I had to do it over and over again because I did not used any method or tutorial. Just a trial-and-error project! I'm glad I didn't count the hours I put in, but still happy with the result!

In the end I made it a tunic / dress in stead of a pull.

1. all round and round (:

2. one sleeve

3. ! wearing it!

 Also found out my yarn collection is way too huge for my room.. 


zondag 24 februari 2013

Mingle Mangle crochet give-away!

Hi Guys! 
I found a nice easter give-away on this blog :
It's Dutch and cute! so don't hesitate to click :)

I made some new stuff also, just experimenting and more trial and errors... Since my boyfriend and I are moving out I came up with some new crochet ideas! I made some potholders in my favourite colors!

I love the turqoise! The darker color is more like deep-green.
I made the back of a stretchy cotton and hand-sewed to the crochet part.

Next to this little project, I bought some same colors yarn as the way-to-big blanket for our bed. I will use the yarn for some new cushions in dark grey and light grey :) Don't know for sure if I will use white also.

I will look up and make pictures of other crochet projects I made during last year :) but I can't promise I post any time soon because of my study and other projects like a new website