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vrijdag 25 november 2011


Some random outfits of this week.

White blouse from my grandma! ( Blouse is many years older than me hihi!! )
Love my vintage little suitcase! Especially for the price that I paid for it!
 UP: Total outfit, and with a shiny jacket from Superstar

 UP: Dinner with my mothers family!

 And these shoes I scored at a flea market! 

zaterdag 19 november 2011

Camera pocket

YES! finished my tiny camera pocket :)
Bought this wonderful colored fabric last week in a huge store in Rotterdam, called Schroder. Been there before, and I always succeed!

The yellow fabric is an old rest piece of my aunt, I think it is way older than me! hihi
The button is 2nd hand! bought it with 11 others

Love this piece :)



I love belts ^_^
All sorts and kinds!


vrijdag 18 november 2011


This week I was bored in the evening, but it was too little time to paint something. Decided to make some random things, and came up with a watch cushion for my lovely boyfriend :) since he always puts his watch just somewhere.

The watch cushion is made from an old pocket from a blouse from my dad. The greyish with white is just perfect with blue :) just simple!

Also made a new pincushion. My old one was falling apart, just needed another one. A while ago i got some little owls from my mam, and put one on it :) now I see it every time when i need pins or needles!

Yesterday i made a small pocket for my camera. I don't like the standard camera bags, they are always black or grey. Will post it when I have a pic!

Started reading 'Cradle to Cradle' :) love this book! I need this information for my new course PO3!


zondag 13 november 2011


 Finished the see-through simple red dress with an huge bow :)


zaterdag 12 november 2011


Last month I put my colorful heels away in some baskets and boxes and put this one on the shelves:

Loved to see this every day, but my toes were getting cold :) So now I put my Boots on the shelves! except all the flat ones like Uggs and other flat boots! Only with heels are allowed to say here hahaha! <3

There is only one with open toes, but thats because I love to wear these Steve Madden heels with socks in it!

See you next time!

outfits autumn colors

Wore my self-made poncho this week! looove the colors! It has some red purple black grey and green colors in it :) I combined these colors with OCHRE! I think this color is such a wonderful one for autumn. Also  have a pair of heels in this hue, but that was to much Think!

 Belt detail

Today was my Propedeuse hand out in Delft :) so I tried to be a little chique with this see-through dress from Superstar I bought a month ago. First time I wore it because it was 2 sizes to big, but with a little belt on it it's just perfect.
It's beige combined with a pink mohair vest <3


woensdag 9 november 2011


Haha Today I finally wore my self made jacket I made a few years ago. I think it was 2008, the year I turned 18 :D whoosh!

**look at our dog on the picture <3 cute!**

The jacket is made by rest pieces of fabric from my granny! She has so much in stock and I liked this creme with taupe square pattern. The big wooden button is also from my granny!

At the time I had not enough to make long sleeves, thats why they are triangular! Also the collar (?? don't know if this one is the right word, but I don't mean a dog collar..;) ) is made from several little pieces of fabric! :) All different in size, so I made this one asymmetric!

Love this piece :)


zondag 6 november 2011


Made this one a month ago or so, but put it away to adjust the size. I made this blouse to big, but already found a solution! an off shoulder top! and now it is finished :)

Thinking about what to make next!