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zondag 25 maart 2012

Favs and new dress!

Spring! Yes! Spring has finally arrived at our tiny land! There were some days that I had to get the ice off our car, but others I drove without the rooftop <3 Karim and I even made a little tour today on his scooter to the " Merwelanden". I love riding on his scooter, you can grab your boyfriend for the whole time haha! It's just like a hug, or something like that I think!

Yesterday I went to the Dordrechts Museum with a part of my mothers family and family friends from Germany. I wore the dress I wrote about a post ago, the one from Superstar! I Really love it! The color is really dark blue combined with black details. My hair looked some more orange with this blue, haha! Love it!

And add this one to my wishies!
Really amazing colors, would match definitely with my closet :)

will post more soon!! 


vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Hermes bag

I love the real bag! but now you can make your own; maybe with giftpaper of something and put your present in it! no more dull presents anymore!

If I have some time in the near future I will try to make it!

maandag 5 maart 2012

New scarf!

Yes my scarf is finally completed!! Used dark grey in the beginning, but a while ago I thought it was a little dull to use only one color. So I used light grey to finish up the edges! just with one row, but that little row makes a big difference! It's the first time I made something like this.. So I'm really happy and a bit proud I can really wear it :)

haha update : found out how its called in the US : Crochet! I knew it only in Dutch : Haken.. 

And found this little guide how to make a chipmunk out of your old gloves!! 


zondag 4 maart 2012

Being happily busy

Got these from Zara!! some last pieces in the winter sale! I always love these simple basic colors, especially light beige/pink as the dress. It matches my skin I think, so I don't look like a snow white anymore! Since I've wearing my hair in a pony, It looks much more darker because of my 'winter color'. It looks like darker brown. I hope when the sun comes It will lighten up! 

Cinema with my best friend haha- we went to Safe House with Denzel. I like him even when he's a little bit the bad guy or the good one, just depends on how you look on his personage in the movie! ; and dinner in Rotterdam the day before with my new hair, at the place I mentioned in the post before this one :) Vapiano! I had pasta with spinach and shrimps and lot of garlic!

I'm in a happy mood this week, not only because I have no college or something. I do have homework. But did a lot of great things with great people :) New hair, some new cute things, changed my room a lot! Its way more restful or something! Still not finished it but when I have, I will post it!
Actually I have to make some homework for a course named Interaction. We are designing an interface! Quite interesting if I may say so :) But I think I have to skip that now because the cutest boyfriend in the world is coming with his parents to do a High Wine at my place! Its some different as a HighTea (did that 2 times this week !! ) but also way too delicious to skip! My mum is in the kitchen the whole time!

And last but not least, I did paint! YEAH my first painting of March haha! you can find this on my other blog; 


 Saw a lot of lovely things in Rotterdam last Thursday when we went for shopping and dinner there! Made some pictures with my phone, so the definition is not that great!

Pieces beige and pink

Pieces red & blue 

Pieces colorful shoes!

Pieces love these blueish colors

River Island tops of lace (?) in blue copper or pink. Really cute! and at the right a great dress from Zara! The front of the dress is shorter than the back, a detail you are going to see a lot more this spring and summer!

River Island; love lace!! and at the right; the pants remember me of an old bag I had when I was 5 or so.. now I'm 22!! The floral graphic print can be found in 2nd hand stores I believe haha! But also at River Island ;)

River Island; Loooove the bag! and the dress also because of it's color! Only the gold-look-a-like metal in the neck is just not it for me! I like the huge bow on it though :)

River Island ; would not wear this pink dress myself, but I do like all those little things on the neck of the dress! A handbag with such a border will be great for me :)

Dress at River Island, with an indie print! The fabric was so soft! I think it will match perfectly with my Kiboots!! unfortunately not with my wallet..

A top with beads / floral print and a lace see through top both at River Island.

Found a baby perfume ?! I think baby's smell cute, but apparently not everyone thinks the same.. Lola is not for little baby's! but a great one for me for instance!! hint! haha

Cute colors and packaging at Douglas.

Fake flowers but beautiful :)

Vapiano nomnom!