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zondag 16 september 2012

Vila Augustus

We had a little reunion going on on Saturday at Vila augustus. I took some random photos with my mobile :)

my sis<3

<3 chef

Loods 5

One of my favorite places to score new or old stuff for decoration :)
I dont have my own place yet but still I have to buy things for in my future home!

Loods 5 is a huge store in an older IKEA building. the last time I went there, like a month ago, they didn't have this new department with vintage! I really love vintage, especially wooden items in white or pastels. The only thing i was a little bit scared of were the pictures of people of 50+ years ago. They scared the ..... out of me. Those people actually lived and I think they passed away now. Why in the world do you want to buy some one else's pictures.... creepy... Prices of items vary a lot. It looks like the price tags are random placed.

Here's a little impression of the Vintage department at Loods 5 in Sliedrecht. just 10 minutes away from my house :)

with my mum <3

Have to save some money when I got my own place! I would buy so many cute things :)

Update September

Eventhough it's still summer in our little country, the temperatures tell me something else. One of my favorite moments of the year : Fall temperatures without rain! Oh I love these chilly days. With temperatures as these ( 15 degrees ) I like to wear different layers of my favorite colors. because you wear layers you can mix as many as you want! Mostly I match little things like tops and shoes, or bag with vest or gilet etc :)
Here are a few of my fav outfits of these weeks

Also wore my self made top ^_^

My hair color is changing again, due to the weather and lack of sunshine in Holland my hair is getting darker at the roots; the rest has seen some more sun so is lighter. now i have some contrast in my hair; I do like it :)

zondag 2 september 2012

Pumpkin Fair Brielle with mum

Yesterday I went to Brielle with my mum, it's not that far away but with a closed highway you have to improvise :) The weather was great, also for taking pics, so here are some of them. Really love the green / grey pumpkins! At the fair were also some Alpaca's. A few years ago ( like in 5 years ) I never saw these before in the Netherlands. I knew them from vetenarian television programmes from New Sea-land.. But here they are and their wool is also welcome :)

New scarfs

Wanted to try something new :) My sister in law has an cute webshop and I thought it was a nice idea to add something of mine in there : scarfs! Already made the first pair for her website and soon it will be online. Very curious!

Already made one big one for my mum, myself and now this one :) just love the color! 

zaterdag 1 september 2012

old drawer

A little while ago I found an old drawer. It's just perfect to store some stuff in it on a shelf :)  but first I had to clean the drawer and paint it. The frontside was already covered in a yellowish white shade, but I wanted it in the same color as some lamps and accessories I already have.

I will post a new pic when I have the chance!