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zondag 17 maart 2013

Couch crashing (:

This weekend, my love mister K and I bought an amazing couch! Oh isn't it a beauty? I think  I will sit more on the couch than I used to at my parents home hihi. The pillows are way to soft and my legs can't reach the ground. Oh yes I can sleep here!

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Little project

I did a little project between my school projects
Hopefully these tiny things will make doing the laundry more cute
First time I made a stamp by myself with a cork from a wine bottle
just cut out the shape you want and put some paint on it!


woensdag 6 maart 2013



found an old picture of an selfmade scarf!

crochet pattern is unknown :P
I messed up some basics but love the style


News update

Hi there!

Found a cute give-away on a Dutch blog 
The prize is a cute colorful birdy :) you should have a look!

Pattern Give away by Angelique

if you don't like birds ( woud be new for me! ) , you definitely love cupcakes!
Another giveaway on a blog with cupcakes!
on this blog : and

Surprise giveaway by  :)

Cute crown give-away by Atelier Valerie