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vrijdag 14 juni 2013

Way to busy

Big news!

meet ewok

Our lovely old Snoopy

I'm finishing my study at TU Delft in a few weeks. That's also the reason why I didn't post anything lately. Besides to my Bachelor Final project, Karim and I have bought some cuties. There are two new cute little guinea pigs in our house! The older Guinea, Snoopy is doing allright at the moment.
Sometimes we think she will be dead the next morning, but at the moment she is doing fine again :) This oldie is almost 7 years old.. For a guinea way to old if you ask me. But for long as she doesn't suffer or anything we are happy for her :)

Gremlin and Ewok

The new girls are Ewok and Gremlin.
We bought Ewok at a local petshop *Fitty* at 4 weeks old precisely. We seperate her from her 2 other sisters who stayed behind. I hoped that those 2 would find a place together.
Our Ewok got a new house, next to our old Snoopy. Happy as she was, we saw she needed more attention than we could give her. She had those 5 crazy minutes like every minute. We took her out as much as we could, but guineapigs need other guineapigs to stay happy.
So this week we decided to buy a sis at the same store. I really hoped that there was one left, because they have the same age and maybe recognise eachother. I also don;t want to seperate the two little sisters I left at the store the day we bought Ewok. But 4 guineas is a bit too much for us. 3 is the max we decided.
There I went.. On my awesome bike... to the pet shop
and guess what...
There was only one sis left! I was so happy the other one was sold already :) So I bought Gremlin.
Gremlin is a little shy and anxious. But that's because she was caged up with 5 rabbits who feed themselves with the ears of Gremlin.... so sad gremlin has almost no ears anymore... So actually I did very good to take her with me!

So now Ewok and Gremlin ( next Tuesday 7 weeks old) are reunited! And as happy as they are, they will be together for the rest of their nice and happy lifes :)


Ewok at 5 weeks old

Little orphan duck at my parents house

All thrifted :D 

My lovely guys


My Nephew and his wife are parents! Welcome Vera - This one is made specially for you


<3 beaaaauuuutiful flowers for our new home

Will post whenever I have the time :) I hope in 3 weeks!!!!!!