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donderdag 30 juni 2011

Internet order!

Just saw some cute dresses on and I just ordered three of them! I hope they will fit! they look awesome with those flower prints on it!

I made some screenshots :

And if they don't fit I make one myself, I don't think the pattern is too difficult! Only I don't know for sure if I can make strapless dresses :) but the right one will work for me!

Dresses by Smashed Lemon €16,- each!

Some detail of the right dress :

Said goodbye to my parents and little sister this morning, they are on their way to Croatia! And I just stay at home, also because I've my last test of Statistics today, and I look after all the animals we have :). I'm also going on a holiday! But I will tell next time.


dinsdag 28 juni 2011

lovely hot days

Even the animals are lazy because of the weather, and I have to learn!
Coco is also enjoying his/ her swimming pool :)

Put your sound low! Apparently I talk way too hard :)


!! :D


zaterdag 25 juni 2011

One of my favs!

 Love this cardigan

And the bag, I loooooove the color!

Now I reaaaaaly have to learn for next week! I don't think I will wear anything nice to post because I'm a bit lazy this upcoming week. I know for sure!! on Friday my vacation starts for real!


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Bored.. do something!

 Made 15 pieces total.

How to start:

1. Use some nice patterns, 
2. Cut hearts or something else out it , 
3. Grab an old cushion to fill it up. 
4. Always save the little ribbons out of your dresses or tops ( mostly at the neck )

5. And begin with sewing! I did it by hand, but you also could use a sewing machine. Remember to skip a little part so you can fill the heart up with the content of the cushion. After filling it up, you can close the heart and make a little ribbon on the top of it.
and TADAAAH you've got hearts :).

I think I'm going to put them on the internet, I know myself and I can't stop making things. so sometimes you need to ged rid of it haha!


maandag 20 juni 2011

bleached jeans

To much to post today! Wore the jeans I bleached yesterday!!

I think Chef likes it also:)

Also found another picture with Chef :)


Little friends for the OWL pillow

A while ago I made an owl pillow :) I had to make more of it, so here they are! two little pillows again!!

You can see the upper one is a little weird shaped at the belly, but this can be solved easy :) I filled them up with the content of an old pillow.

p.s. Can you see the white chair? its a really cool chair, painted white by myself . :) Will make a photo soon!

Love to being creative.


For my mac :)

No matter how many stores I've been, I didn't find the right case for my mac. Found one a while ago but the case was way to big because I only have a 13'' .
So decided to make one myself a while ago! You can see me walking with this cute little pillow on the IO Faculty in Delft. I carry it with my every day :)

I sewed it by hand because the sewing machine was broken! This does give it a nice effect!


zondag 19 juni 2011

Some bleach

Had to do this today! grabbed some tape and started right away.
Also grabbed an old painting brush and bleach. After taping the jeans, I started with the paintbrush to put bleach on it. The cardboard you can see on the first picture is handy, because otherwise the bleach will reach the back of the jeans.

After i think 10 minutes bleaching I washed the jeans and put it in the tumble dry. It's just turned out great! I would expect some mistakes, but it's quite well done :)

So if you have an old pair of jeans, or your boyfriend or so, just grab it and do with whatever you want!


old boyfriend jeans

My boyfriend has to many jeans ! So i got two pair of jeans from him! We got the same size!
I used them as working pants when i am painting, but I have already so much of those 'working' pants, so I decided to cut them off!!

I put on the jeans first, so you can see  how short you are going to make em.

It doesn't matter you don't cut the pants of in a nice way, I really can't! so i fold over this part.
And again..

Also did this with the other pants. Made them difference by length.

And there we are! two new pairs of shorts!! by H&M and me :)
I think I am also going to throw one of them in bleach. Because they really look the same this way.

total costs €0,-


and more!!


Especially love the jacket!


perfect clothes!

Found an amazing site!! with so many nice clothes! I don't have a credit card :(
Or else......

Love it!!