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dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Bored.. do something!

 Made 15 pieces total.

How to start:

1. Use some nice patterns, 
2. Cut hearts or something else out it , 
3. Grab an old cushion to fill it up. 
4. Always save the little ribbons out of your dresses or tops ( mostly at the neck )

5. And begin with sewing! I did it by hand, but you also could use a sewing machine. Remember to skip a little part so you can fill the heart up with the content of the cushion. After filling it up, you can close the heart and make a little ribbon on the top of it.
and TADAAAH you've got hearts :).

I think I'm going to put them on the internet, I know myself and I can't stop making things. so sometimes you need to ged rid of it haha!


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