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maandag 13 juni 2011

found some amazing things on a festival! :D

Yesterday there was in the Wantijpark a festival going on, called rainbowpark. This parc is near Dordrecht city, so I went there with my lovely boyfriend and Chef the dog! We ate some nice things :) yumm and listened to the music. There also were some little stands. one had 2nd hand clothes! I have to look there always! Found an amazing vest and bought it for €5 !!

We went home because Karim wanted to visit some fishing friends, and I decided to go back and buy another vest! Karim didn't let me go back in the first place :P but there i went, on the bicycle, because parking was a hell!! not that our car was that big, but the parkinglot was so far away that cycling was faster! haha. So there I went again.... And here is the result!

White dress €15
Vests €5 each
floral maxi skirt €7.50

Don't remember the name of the stand.. I thought is was something like Grace invaders or something :P.. I like!

Will post some photos of me wearing it soon!


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