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vrijdag 3 juni 2011

To many clothes! away with it!

Sometimes I think I really have to many clothes, i have 3 big closets, so i think it's true.. and sometimes i didn't know i had it.. yeah! like this cutie on the left.. Really don't know when i'm going to wear this nice VILA dress ( the price label is still on it! )

So I cleaned up the mess and put many things online i didn't wear last year.. And when they are sold there is some more room for new things :D --> That's what I aim for of course HAHA

also going to put some bags on the internet, I can't use them all because of my mac :)
and i don't know when i'm going to use then anyway...... they've got to go online too!

some more ( some with labels :I ) im to bad

 Creme Tunic - Primark ( no label, wear it once !! )

 Red Tunic - H&M ( no label, wore a few times )
Bronze Dress - H&M


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  1. ahaha YOu have big closet, I am curious about your big closet !! can buy more new dresses <3 I love the 1st dress of yours <3 Very Cute & beautiful one I think !

    kisses SHIKI.