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zondag 22 april 2012


Me and my love Chef 
My dear boyfriend refused me to post one with him and me on it! haha

Made in the train

Fallen tree in Stadspolders

Hitting the road 

A blue lobster! the next wishie of my love :)

Me and my old tree :) 


Our red lobster who just passed away :(

Dear sleeping cat Pippin


Have been way to BUSY!

To update all of my blogs! Last 2 weeks I was at Karims house, and had 3 test at the university, countless projects and a huge ass dog to walk with. Did have the time to make some fav pics!

Pink with white hues, and my indoor soft slippers haha! and another self made scarf. Put them also on Pinterest : Kim Monster

From tomorrow a new course block will begin, I think I'll have to do 2 retest in the next test week because my test were really hard.. I was, and still am, way to busy with projects and other things, and these test were a good practice for the next time! Just look at it from the bright side :)
My mum and I went also to the FairAanDeMaas this weekend, its near oud-Beijerland. I bought a new siffon! I love these kind of fairs, just wandering about all those little shops and things. Just a lovely thing to do! and I'm lucky with my mum because she loves it too! <3 Ofcourse I did many other things, even started to sketch a new carp painting! Also finished up another painting :) So Im really everything BUT lazy!

Here are the scarfs I also posted on Pinterest!



woensdag 4 april 2012


Rearranged my shoe shelves in my room today, had to switch some winter boots with some open toes! made some pictures of it :) Maybe somewhere in the future I have a huge shoe wall or something! That would be awesome!!!

Some of my favourites!!

New pair! amazing blue hue bought them accidentally at the Makro! ( yes the ultra big food/etc store)

Color in top

The  top 3 high - not easy to walk with - heels

Box with beige & light grey 

Bigger box with black and brownies

Re-arranging again :)

Red got a special place - and a detail of the studded heels :D

 <3 Snoepie: nomnom


Sissy scarf

Finished a scarf for my sister in the same color as my first scarf, only this time without the light grey edges. A while ago I started to make a new cover for a cushion in grey/white colors.... will post when I finished it!