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dinsdag 31 januari 2012


 A great basic black bag where my mac fits in!

More time to create

Lovely shoes!

organized clothing cabinets!

Maybe a retro camera :) Diana F or just a new one!


Perfect eyeliner

Color yumyum


Or a basis brown one in stead of black!

More lovely things


Pimp my room into cute colors

Vacation!! ( EGYPT <3 )

Vintage things

Those legs...

More nice views.. just the simple things like snow & bikes

Burgundy colors !

Amazing hair & eyes & lips!

Read for yourself.

The smell of these..

Already got the necklace!

Amazing colorful things

Simplicity in my room :)

Cute details

Eat some more fruit :P

Those pants!




Cute nonsense 

time to read for myself in stead of studying all the time :)



YES! I found some amazing dresses online :) A while ago I found an amazing brand and ordered ( grey-ish dress in an older post ) my first cutie, and yesterday i found one which is perfect for my birthday party upcoming Saturday!

Black dress - Supertrash  
Grey pink dresh - Lipsy London <3 

Have to adjust one little thing in the Lipsy London dress, but thats a 5 min work :)


zondag 22 januari 2012

My love

I love this man! 


birthday & some great news!

Yeah I turned 22 last Tuesday! got some nice gifts from my family :) will celebrate it the 4th of February!! From Karim I got 2 lovely Pandoras (pic)!! One panda charm and one with the letter K on it!! <3 From my little sister a cute little white cabinet for in my room :)

I also bought an old lamp (pic down) for just 40€ ( including delivery ) a bargain!!!! - much like the wall lamps I bought a while ago! Need to fix 'm up because its not yet the colors I want but I will do this after my exams ( January 31th & 3rd of February or so )

The title of this post already said something about great news....... Yes yes it's true! We are buying our real first CAR together (with Karim!<3) I'm way to excited :D I won't have to take the train every day but sometimes I just grab the car instead! WHOOHOOOO and in the spring/summertime we can get the rooftop of!!!! I LOVE IT! We are so happy! My boyfriend already had a VW golf a while ago but he sold it because his job is so close to his home :) And now we have something of us together! We already have much things together like the DVD collection and the guinea pig but this is something bigger!! Can't wait! we still have to fix some little things before we can use it, but my love is handy enough!!

I have a huge smile on my face the whole time :) and Karim too! hahahaha I will post some pics when the car Is finally ours!!


And of course; some outfits!


donderdag 12 januari 2012

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Amsterdam - Rotterdam

My mum and I went shopping in Amsterdam! not just specially for clothes, but the little cute stores with accessories :) we bought christmass decoration! haha! and I had to have these shoes!!!!!

My mum in the down right corner

my new shoes!!!

 some window deco

After Amsterdam we went to Rotterdam to eat at Shabu Shabu ! which also opened a sushi restaurant in Dordrecht !!! YUMMM

it was delicious!