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woensdag 4 januari 2012

Pillowcase & jacket

My grandmother gave me 2 pillowcases a while ago ( one sided ). The only thing what I had to do was to sew them on another pillowcase, that was my granny's idea. She did not wanted to do it for herself because her house is full of that kind of stuff, but I thought it was way to kitsch! So I went looking for nice  photo frames and found 2! Now the pillowcases are hanging in my room :)

Promised to update my orange jacket! On the pictures it looks very pumpkin orange, but in reality its more a darker color. wearing painting clothes so don't mention the jogging pants! As you can see, the back of the jacket is shorter than front, I like this because it's easier to combine with a dress :)

 The jacket can be tied up at the inside ( where the buttons are ) It's adjustable, so I could wear it with a top or sweater!


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