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zondag 25 maart 2012

Favs and new dress!

Spring! Yes! Spring has finally arrived at our tiny land! There were some days that I had to get the ice off our car, but others I drove without the rooftop <3 Karim and I even made a little tour today on his scooter to the " Merwelanden". I love riding on his scooter, you can grab your boyfriend for the whole time haha! It's just like a hug, or something like that I think!

Yesterday I went to the Dordrechts Museum with a part of my mothers family and family friends from Germany. I wore the dress I wrote about a post ago, the one from Superstar! I Really love it! The color is really dark blue combined with black details. My hair looked some more orange with this blue, haha! Love it!

And add this one to my wishies!
Really amazing colors, would match definitely with my closet :)

will post more soon!! 


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