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zondag 4 maart 2012

Being happily busy

Got these from Zara!! some last pieces in the winter sale! I always love these simple basic colors, especially light beige/pink as the dress. It matches my skin I think, so I don't look like a snow white anymore! Since I've wearing my hair in a pony, It looks much more darker because of my 'winter color'. It looks like darker brown. I hope when the sun comes It will lighten up! 

Cinema with my best friend haha- we went to Safe House with Denzel. I like him even when he's a little bit the bad guy or the good one, just depends on how you look on his personage in the movie! ; and dinner in Rotterdam the day before with my new hair, at the place I mentioned in the post before this one :) Vapiano! I had pasta with spinach and shrimps and lot of garlic!

I'm in a happy mood this week, not only because I have no college or something. I do have homework. But did a lot of great things with great people :) New hair, some new cute things, changed my room a lot! Its way more restful or something! Still not finished it but when I have, I will post it!
Actually I have to make some homework for a course named Interaction. We are designing an interface! Quite interesting if I may say so :) But I think I have to skip that now because the cutest boyfriend in the world is coming with his parents to do a High Wine at my place! Its some different as a HighTea (did that 2 times this week !! ) but also way too delicious to skip! My mum is in the kitchen the whole time!

And last but not least, I did paint! YEAH my first painting of March haha! you can find this on my other blog; 

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