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vrijdag 18 november 2011


This week I was bored in the evening, but it was too little time to paint something. Decided to make some random things, and came up with a watch cushion for my lovely boyfriend :) since he always puts his watch just somewhere.

The watch cushion is made from an old pocket from a blouse from my dad. The greyish with white is just perfect with blue :) just simple!

Also made a new pincushion. My old one was falling apart, just needed another one. A while ago i got some little owls from my mam, and put one on it :) now I see it every time when i need pins or needles!

Yesterday i made a small pocket for my camera. I don't like the standard camera bags, they are always black or grey. Will post it when I have a pic!

Started reading 'Cradle to Cradle' :) love this book! I need this information for my new course PO3!


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