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dinsdag 26 februari 2013


I love cushions everywhere
So i made some of my own :) Can't say they turned out cheaper than regular store-bought ones.. but they're unique and home made!

Here are some pics ! 

The yarn costed me about €15...  x_x
For the 8 gray buttons, I paid something like €2

# 2 gray and light gray stripes
# 3 gray and white combined

 #2 has seven bits of yarn, €0.99 a piece and the buttons are like €0,20 a piece. The filling for the cushion was €2.99.. I will be making a second one of this because I have a matching rug (: Total of one striped cushion : € 10,60 

#3 has like 4 bits of yarn, also €0.99 a piece and the buttons are second hand, €0.05 a piece! The #3 was my first try-out cushion :) you can see the difference with the newer ones, but still, it does matches with #2 somehow.

Will update my blog soon!

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