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maandag 23 mei 2011

New oldies

Found some amazing new bags / purses on a flee- market!
This flee-market is called Rommeldam, and is in a small part of Dordrecht, named Dubbeldam. Dubbeldam is known for it's inhabitants, some more rich people than usual areas. Rich people buy expensive products, and they end up here in rommeldam :)

Rommeldam is organized ( I think ) for the church and is a charity project. all the money goes to there. that means everything is way too cheap! I go to this market every year!

Small purse (Gabrielle) €2,50 real leather
2 tone bag (Enrico Benetti) €2,50 don't know the material.
Blue laptop bag (Jolly bag) €4,- real leather

TOTAL: €9,-


The small purse matches perfectly to everything :)


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