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dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Blue again

Wanted to wear the white pants of my post before. Also wanted to wear something comfy.. and then I get this out of the closet! Went to the university in Delft & when I got home my mum wanted to go to Vila Augustus again here in Dordrecht. ( Super High-tea place! )
They have such a nice garden! you instantly fall in love when you see it!

Love the dark blue in combination with the mint green hues!

and some pics of Vila Augustus to cheer you up if you like gardens :)

Pictures above are made today! Also the one with Cheffie ( my dog ) on it. Dogs are allowed in the garden and in the restaurant also. Many vegetables they prepare are from their own garden so dogs have to be leashed :)
The other pics down here are from some other times. we go there a lot! It's such a nice place, and every time we go there we see something new!


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