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zaterdag 28 mei 2011

A little OWL

Start with some left over fabrics.  ( like the wings of this owl, this is the same as my blue skirt! ). Make all the things you need right away so you need the proportions are OK. You can start where you want, for example I started with the two layer eyes and put on the old buttons, then sewed the whole front of the owl. Later on I sewed the back on it and left a 5 cm hole to put in the filling of an old cushion.  And close the whole with some new stitches


 Above you see the proportions before I start to sew. and when I filled it up , you can see the owl grows bigger and looks a lot fatter and cute :D

If you have some creativity you can easily make on of your own!
Yesterday I went to the market and bought all kinds of textile articles

Love my little Owl sitting on the lovely bench i got from my sweetheart Karim <3


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  1. I love this one very much<3 ahaha Cutieeee sWeetieeee

    kisses SHIKI.