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zaterdag 9 juli 2011


Tuesday it was I believe, Yvonne and I went shopping in Breda! Only for a few hours, but I did scored some cute basics. I really needed some basic tops for the summer, and got them! Also some nice things found on sale J always ok! Put on some random stuff and took a pic!

Bikinitop €5
Bikinipants €5
Skirt €3
Copper long top €9.95
Pink top €9.95
Beige top €4.95
White top €4.95
Socks €3
All H&M

Shoes €49.95 Sascha’s
And the scarf is not new, got it a day before in a second hand store! For only €2

Love the picture where Karim is trying to hide from me! Hahaha he is so cute!
 The bikini has a little ribbon on the back of the pants and in front of the top! CUTE!


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