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donderdag 1 december 2011


Packed my suitcase ( + some more bags because it didn't fit ;) ) this week because I'm staying at Karim's place for 2 weeks! He lives in the neighborhood but it feels like a little vacation :), which I desperately need!

Last spring when I also stayed over and packed almost only pink hue clothing! The time before that blue, so this time I went for red and other warm color tones, including the suitcase itself!

AAH I did not mean to, wanted to post my new jacket when it was ready, but I see it on the upper left corner of the first picture! An orange tone jacket :) whole self made! Will also post some pics of it.. but it is not ready yet. I was in a dilemma for the buttons! haha

Next pictures are without the sleeves :)

Till next time!!


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