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donderdag 29 november 2012

Huge crochet project

way-to-big plaid for bed

Started a while ago, as in 4 months or so, with an huge corchet project! Planned to make one blanket for over my bed, like 2,50m x 2,50 m.. Started at the bottom of it with 2,50m but then the blanket soon began to grew in all directions :P Because it's a heavy one its now like 4 meters wide! I already solved the problem by folding it in half, now it's a very cosy and warm one :)

Last week I finished the last rows, and yesterday I finally made a pic of it.

Detail of the colors

Sort of explanaition:
I used different colors and wanted to make them overlap a little.
I used 2 yarns at one time in 3 different colors : Dark grey , Grey and white.
To make them overlap I mixed the colors like for example :

first 20(fill in yourself) rows : 2 yarns of dark gey
next 20 rows : 1 yarn of dark grey with 1 yarn of grey
next 20 rows : 2 yarns of grey
next 20 rows : 1 yarn of grey with 1 yarn of white fabric
last rows : 2 yarns of white fabric.

Since I'm a beginner I did not knew which method of crochet I used, but I believe is a double stich and I mixed it up every 5 rows, so you eventually get a pattern on the plaid :)

colors don't match with reality :) But I think Chef loves it too


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