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woensdag 29 februari 2012

intercalary day!

Hihi it's Karims grandpa's birthday today! made him a applepie yersterday :) such a nice man!

What a great week! So many nice things to do :) on Monday I dated with an old friend of mine :) we went to Rotterdam Alexandrium, and yes, also Primark! Yesterday I had a high tea with Yvonne :D It was way too delicious!! Today I'm going to Villa Augustus to have a Afternoon Tea with Nina, love this week! Also planned to go to Rotterdam centre tomorrow with mom and sis, and maybe catch a movie!

Last week was also busy but it was Shans Birthday so we went out for dinner at a Greek restaurant! Yumm! and afterwards Miro ( Spanish ) to have something to drink!


Yesterday I got a haircut, and now i have a pony! long time no see, I think something like 5 years?

Old me & new me!


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