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vrijdag 3 februari 2012


It did get white a little bit yesterday, but today! OH MY it did really snow! Today I made a path  from our house ( Last house in the lane ) to the beginning of the dike :) Think the neighbors will be happy! there are some dogs here so they don't have to walk in the snow anymore! Also did the drive-in of house nr. 1 and our house and garden on both sides of the house!

our side garden :) not shoved yet!

Chef goes outside for max 3 min a time! 

Wearing my loggers jacket!

I also hanged up some feedbags for the little birds. I also spotted some! I will also put the dutch translation beneath the picture because I don't really know the English versions. ahahha fail.

Nijlgans - Nile goose
Photo taken yesterday, but these two are staying around, think it's because of the food my mum throws over the fence ;) I did not see the 2 swans today..

Merel - Blackbird ( his wifey was also in the garden )
This cutie is curious!

Vink - Finch
I first thought it was a house sparrow with a crest, but the wings were also different.. Most of the time there are sparrows in our garden :)

Meerkoetjes - Coots
They gathered with 6 of them around a tree to get warm, so cute to see! They may be cold but they got enough food for today!

Roodborstje - Robin
When I was shoving the garden this one was so curious and did not pay attention to me, making noise and moving around, love the color! 

Love the snow! aaaaaah It's so BEAUTIFUL outside! Love it


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